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Raspberry Pi Buster-IOT-Splash

UPDATED to openNDS! So... these Raspberry Pi0w's are quite addicting little IOT Devices (and they're really inexpensive!), but I grew tired of cobbling everything together each time. Let me introduce you to my Buster-IOT-Splash meta-release: It combines
  • Gadget Ethernet [DHCP and fixed at] so even if you mess up networking, you can plug it into your laptop and be able to fix it.
  • HostAPD to provide a dedicated WiFi network (even over the same onboard ethernet).  I use this with my MaslowCNC to have a reliable WiFi connection to my phone for controlling the router even if the upstream goes away.  Default WiFi WPA2 password: raspberry
  • openNDS- With a bit of hosts magic so it can run offline as well. This way as soon as you connect to it, the device's webpage will appear (maybe in a security browser, but...)
Warning!  Please secure this; if you install this, you have made a very open, very large access hole to your networks... luckily I have some instructions on the "openNDS" webpage that appears and SSH (default password) is enabled so you can fix them.

This is meant for makers, so I left the size at ~4GB (50% used); you can resize it using raspi-config.  I also left a handy little script in sysprep/  (sudo that from its directory) that "cleans the system for shipping" (removes ssh keys, wpa_supplicant.conf, etc).