QuickPCB’s are live!

If you've wanted a quick-turn PCB (not willing to wait 2 weeks for OSHPark), and are willing to live with some limitations:

  • No thru-holes, SMT only, only copper layer (no soldermask or silkscreen)
  • Single-Sided, 4" x 5" boards (or 3" x 4" boards)
  • Traces are conductive ink (works well, but I wouldn't do high currents without tinning or adding a wire)
  • Larger sizes & spacing than a copper PCB: 
    • Minimum trace width: 0.2mm / 8 mil
    • Minimum passive size: 1608 [metric] / 0603 [English]
    • Minimum spacing: 0.8mm / 30 mil
  • Need to use a temperature controlled iron (ideally, use Sn62 alloy @ 215c / 420F)

I can get you PCB's in 2-3 days (you send the file and PayPal the money, I drop the boards in USPS post as soon as they're done) -- faster if you're in the Atlanta area, especially if you get me the files before noon!

$20/1, $30/2 and $40/3

Send your inquiry to , and I'll get it shipped to you quickly.

Initial Hello World PCB (a 555 timer blinking some LEDs):

2016 08 12 23 56 36

2016 08 13 00 07 38

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