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Crap! Site was hacked in the worst way!

I fixed it... but for a while (at least 6/13/2016 21:00 EDT - 6/14/2016 09:00 EDT) my site was dropping crypto malware. PLEASE SCAN YOUR SYSTEMS. The hack may have been as early as 5/18/2016.

I use CryptoPrevent on all systems that I touch. Another tool that I'm finding very handy is the GWX Control Panel as it seems to be the best way to thwart Microsoft's insistent Windows 10 Update.

Drawer Slide-Nylon

I couldn't find the slider-idler bracket for my kitchen drawer at Home Depot, so I printed one.

2016 04 03 13 14 26

No, it doesn't roll, but the drawer still works well.  I printed it in Nylon so it's dang near indestructible.

3D Printed Magnets

Or at least 2D printed ones:
Go to 5:40 to start seeing demonstrations -- a magnetic spring (where attraction and repulsion cancel each other out to make a stable point), and a catch that latches when you rotate!

Nifty stuff!

SIA Meeting

 We're having our monthly SIA meeting 3/26... and if you'd rather meet at a bar, that's on 3/29.  Details at

Finally redesigned website…

 I've decided since I'm hosting SIA's Stephen Key video, I really should update the website.